Hello, my name is Vincent Grand
I'm never getting bored of capturing the lights and shadow while adventuring around.
(Not so) Fun fact: I'm afraid of heights, yey.

I'm co-founder of a graphic design and illustration studio. Besides work and personal projects, i try to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. That's when my camera never leaves my side. I like to travel simple, with a backpack and tent if possible. This is when traveling becomes the most diverse i think, and therefore the potential grows to create beautiful memories and pictures.
When i go international i like to stay a longer time in a country, to really appreciate the place i'm visiting and not taking it for granted. Just soak up my surroundings. 

I'm not the craziest adventurer, but i'm always tempted to see and learn new things.

So if you have any kind of insane or normal project in mind, feel free to ask. And if it involves
conservation, you sure are at the right address.
If you have any questions or special orders, hit me up!
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